October 15th is Property Tax Day


Don't forget to send in the 1st half of your 2010 Property payment today

But this year, Don't just pay your taxes, do something about them.

This election is an excellent opportunity to let both legislators and our next governor know that we expect them to fix our system. this election has been dominated by shrill invective, non-factual name calling and political innuendo. We are operating in an almost completely fact free zone. Well MSRPO says no more.

On this tax day, take action:

Join the Minnesota Seasonal Recreational Property Owners Coalition if you have not already. Dues are voluntary - stand up for the values we all share - a family place on the lake or in the woods. MSRPO is your voice when it comes to property tax relief, stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species, and updating Minnesota's shore line minimum  standards.

* Learn how to Solve Minnesota's Budget Woes in Nonpartisan Fashion.

7:00-8:30 p.m. Tuesday October 26
Arlington Hills United Methodist Church
759 East County Road B, Maplewood, MN 55117
John P. James
Attorney and Public Policy Consultant
President, Sensible Tax and Fiscal Systems
Former Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue
Presentation Topics
How Bad Is the Budget Problem?
How Did It Come to Be?
What's the Likely Impact on You and Me?
How to Solve the Budget Problem
Shortfalls in Governor Candidates' Proposals
We're All in This Together

Come, ask questions, learn about the problem Minnesota faces, and then make your voice heard with candidates.

To find out who is running for elected office in your area, you and how to contact them got to: http://www.votesmart.org/

Make an informed decision this election. There is nothing more important than making the needed long-term fixes to a system spiraling out of control - it is time for a state and local fiscal system overhaul.

This election Minnesota faces a real crisis. Civic duty demands that we become a well-informed electorate and hold our elected officials accountable. Come to Solving Minnesota's Budget Woes. Join MSRPO.

And don't forget to send in the first half of your 2011 Minnesota Property Tax Payment.

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