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As the the recent MinnPost Article article makes clear, there is a debate about whether Milfoil infestation benefits a lake, specifically bass fishing.

MSRPO believes that's just crazy. It began when Eurasian Milfoil was found in Lake Minnetonka in 1987, but has grown to include far more pernicious aquatic invasive species like zebra mussels. This year the destructive pest was discovered in Minnetonka as well. Dick Osgood, a limnologist and Executive Director of the Minnetonka Lake Association has been dealing with AIS longer and more closely than most in the state. Last week he laid out in his blog the threats, the causes of the accelerating spread, and the solutions.

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This year zebra mussels were discovered in three other "super spreader" lakes, so called because their very popularity guarantees that lots of boats will be launched in these lakes, contaminated and then taken to other lakes ... maybe YOUR LAKE. As Dick notes, "five of the six most recently infested zebra mussel lakes (Alexandria chain, Gull, Mille Lacs, Pelican and Minnetonka) are all in the highest prize category (greater than $10,000) of permitted fishing contests in Minnesota."

MSRPO Executive Director Jeff Forester presented an edited PowerPoint by outdoor writer Dick Sternberg at the 2010 Annual Meeting on Zebra Mussels. It was a chilling and eye opening presentation - to see exactly how zebra mussels are destroying the fishing and ecology of the great lakes, and the threat they pose to your lake click here.

MSRPO will fight to pass legislation this session to contain Aquatic Invasive Species in the contaminated lakes, and prevent them from spreading to yourlake. We are teaming with groups and activists from across the state. Our goal is to organize those who want to contain AIS into an effective grass roots coalition.

Since 1994, MSRPO has been a force at the state capital. We have a proven track record. Former Tax Chair Dee Long called MSRPO "Devilishly well organized." We will bring this proven effectiveness to the AIS efforts, but we need you to Join Us.

Zebra Mussels Quickly Overpower Native Species

With each new infested lake, the rate of spread will increase unless something is done.

Don't Wait Until an aquatic pest is found  in your lake, and then ask, "Why didn't we do something when we had the chance?"

Powerful, well funded and well organized special interests will oppose, claiming that we can't stop the spread, we can't limit access for tournament fishermen, we need more research, more money.

If you want to pass meaningful, revenue neutral legislation to prevent contaminated boats from being launched in your lake:

* Join MSRPO today. We must pay legal fees and a lobbyist, organize legislator forums, create and distribute educational materials and run our office. We are a lean organization, but our current budget is strained. We cannot take on more issues effectively without additional support. You have benefited from MSRPO's work for years. Support us as we ramp up to meet this threat. MSRPO dues are voluntary, the average contribution is just $60 a year.

* Call and write your legislators. Tell them you want them to do more to protect Minnesota's waters, In the land of 10,000 Minnesota should lead the nation in AIS control, not trail behind other states.

And Don't Forget to Vote November 2nd!

One of the biggest issues is the systemic budget deficits. Former Governor Arne Carleson called this the most important election of his lifetime.

We couldn't agree more.

Former Commission Of Revenue John James gave a detailed Presentation Tuesday night that clearly examined the problem, laid out a menu of policy options to address our continuing deficits, and then in a non-partisan fashion examined the proposals of the three candidates, and the likelihood their plan would be able to solve our problem.

Go to Solving Minnesota's Budget Problem to see Mr. Jame's excellent PowerPoint on the issue.

Don't Forget to Vote on Tuesday!


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