MSRPO Members Speak Up!

This week we will receive our Truth in Taxation forms from local districts.  As part of last summer's budget resolution, the Governor and Legislature eliminated the Market Value Homestead Credit, and pundits have been trying to get a fix on the impact of this change.  All agree that it is likely to push up property taxes, again.

In addition, to backfill budget deficits this fall a record number of local taxing districts had referendum on the ballots, with many of them passing.

We want to get a very, very clear picture of the impact these changes have had on our members.  Lake Shore and seasonal property has had remarkable property tax increases over the last decade, often in the double digits.  Please take the enclosed survey and let us know what happened to your projected property taxes under last summer's budget resolution.

There are other questions in the survey that will give us a clear vision of the needs and concerns of our members, and help us prioritize our legislative agenda for 2012.

MSRPO Members Survey! Speak UP!

Over the next session MSRPO will push for a large scale reform of Minnesota's State and Local fiscal system.  Our current system is broken, with deficits spiraling up every year.  Minnesota can no longer afford to nibble around the edges, but must correct the systemic budget and tax systems that are currently failing us so terribly.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to our common work - the information gathered here will help us a great deal at the Legislature in 2012.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please keep in touch.

Jeff Forester

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