MSRPO in the News on AIS Issues

MSRPO set out to make AIS, particularly Zebra Mussels, a priority in the state.  The change from last year is dramatic, when there was virtually NO discussion on AIS containment in the press or at the capitol to today, when a broad coalition of groups is pushing AIS containment and the issue dominates the outdoor news.

It all began with the StarTribune Commentary Written by Jeff Forester, signed by many COLAs, Watershed Districts, Businesses and others and published in the Star Tribune on Jan. 8th, 2011.

Jeff Forester, Star Tribune, Jan 12, 2011, "Defenses are down against water threat; Invasive species challenge Minnesota lakes, rives and too little is being done:"

Echo Press, Alexandria, January 19. 2011, "You can help turn the tide against zebra mussel invasion:

Pioneer Press, Jan. 8, 2011, "We hate them!  Invasive species discussion will dominate DNR, outdoors media this year:"

Niskanen, Decontamination Effort is Keeping One Lake Free of Zebra Mussels:"

Alexandria Echo Press, "You can Help Turn the Tide Against Zebra Mussels:"

MilleLacs Messenger, "Mussels, Mussels Everywhere:"

Outdoor News, "On Controlling Invasive Species:"

Niskanen, Pioneer Press, "DNR Puling Out All Stops in the War on Lake Invaders:"


One community that has been dealing with zebra mussels for years demonstrates why we must stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species in Minnesota

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