Enter the MSRPO Name Change Contest


Enter the 2011 MSRPO Name Change  Contest

Last year the MSRPO Board completed a year-long strategic planning process and we realized that our name, Minnesota Seasonal Recreational Property Owners Coalition, Inc. no longer described who we are. Or what we are doing.  We decided to hold a year-long name change contest, offering a cash prize to the person who created our new name.

We reviewed our values and mission, we spent some time prioritizing both short and long term goals.  We sent a survey to members and to non-members via the Internet and at public events like the Lake Home and Cabin Show.  We received over 2000 responses.  We affirmed things that we already knew:

●        Almost 90% of shore line property owners fear that rising property taxes will make their property unaffordable.

●        A whopping 98% believe they will be targeted for property tax increases to help solve Minnesota's deficit crisis.

The message is clear.  People want and need representation in the Minnesota legislature to work for a major State and Local Fiscal System overhaul. People know lobbying for tax fairness and lake protection is important. They understand that what legislators do in Saint Paul affects them on their docks at the lake.  So advocacy for a reform of Minnesota's state and local fiscal system will remain a key focus of MSRPO.

The survey also affirmed something we had long suspected; people who own riparian and forest land value good habitat for game and fish and wildlife and are actively trying to pass those values onto children and grandchildren. 70% of respondents value representation on issues like clean water, aquatic invasive species and habitat protection.

MSRPO responded, leading the charge to pass strong legislation to control and manage Aquatic Invasive Species last session.

Enter MSRPO's Name Change Contest!

One thing has become clear - our name no longer describes who we are or what we do together.

Minnesota Seasonal Recreational Property Owners Coalition Incorporated has always been a mouthful. The acronym, MSRPO is hard to remember and easy to muddle. In fact, over ten years ago, one of MSRPO's founding board members muffed it at a board meeting. Annoyed, he made a motion to offer a $25 prize to the person that came up with the best new name for MSRPO.

The motion passed, and still stands.

The Strategic Planning Committee and some members have brainstormed a few names:

●        Minnesota Families for Lakes and Forests, MFLF
●        Mn Coalition of Heritage Stewards .....MCHS
●        Heritage Minnesota, HM
●        Minnesota Lake and Forest Heritage Coalition
●        Minnesota Coalition of Lake and Forest Stewards, MCLAS
●        Minnesota Lakeshore Land Owners Coalition, MLLOC
●        Minnesota Sylvan and Riparian Property Owners, MSRPO

This is a partial list only. We look for feedback from our members on these names and ask for additional suggestions. Please give it some thought, and write your suggestion in the comment section on our website, www . msrpo . org.  Include your name and email address. Check back to see other names that have been entered, and see the tag lines and comments people have included.  And who knows, you may claim the $25 prize!

All submissions become the property of MSRPO.

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