Funding Opportunities to Help You Protect Your Lake from Aquatic Invasive Species.


MSRPO is still monitoring events at the legislature, and discovered a great opportunity for our members and their lake associations to fund their Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) work. This is one of the benefits of having full-time representation at the capitol. For the first time, the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council has included in its 2013 RFP (Request for Proposals) language giving priority to "permanent solutions to aquatic invasive species."

Click here: see page 3 item 8.

Call for Funding Requests from the Outdoor Heritage Fund

There is not much time -- requests are due Friday, July 15, 2011. The Council anticipates recommending over $95 million for programs. This is a competitive recommendation process, open to all who wish to apply. The Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, composed of eight citizens and four legislators, makes recommendations to the Legislature for funding from the Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF). The OHF was established as result of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy amendment, passed by voters in November of 2008. This Constitutional amendment established a dedicated sales tax increase of 3/8th of one-percent. One-third of the dollars raised are deposited in the Outdoor Heritage Fund, and the Lessard-Sams Council recommends to the Legislature how this portion of these funds should be spent. Until now, controlling Aquatic Invasive Species has not been a listed priority of the Lessard-Sams council.

To apply, click here.

For more information on the Call for Request for Funding, please visit

WIN $15,000 With Your "Water" Idea

On a different front, Idea Open has put out a call for "Ideas for Addressing Water Issues In Minnesota." Specifically, Idea Open wants to know how you would use $15,000 to help your community become aware of and address water issues in Minnesota.

The contest is open until July 15th.

Click Here.

This fun contest is a wonderful way to bring your Lake Association together and raise awareness of Lake issues in your community.

Enter the 2011 MSRPO Name Change Contest

Last year the MSRPO Board completed a year-long strategic planning process and we realized that our name, Minnesota Seasonal Recreational Property Owners Coalition, Inc. no longer described who we are or what we are doing. We decided to hold a year-long name change contest, offering a cash prize to the person who created our new name.

Click here for more details.

We hope you are having a safe and happy summer "up north." If you are not yet a member of MSRPO, join today. MSRPO is working to protect your lakes and forests, to get funding for your lake from sources like the Legacy Fund, and to get you the best information, but we need everyone in the game to continue to be successful.


As always, please keep in touch.

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