Tax Reform Now

Property Tax Reform Now!


Many of us received bad news when we opened our truth in taxation statements. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it may not be the train.

* Minnesota is projected to have a budget surplus in the short term.

* Efforts to redesign government and our tax system are gaining traction and momentum.

As this article, Local leaders look for way to reshape government, makes clear Minnesotans at all levels of government and non-governmental organizations are working to steer our state back onto firm ground.

Now is the time to make our case to let them know:

* Lake shore property has born incredible property tax pressure for a decade. This unsustainable tax pressure is forcing sales and subdivision of riparian land.

* It is past time for a major state and local fiscal system overhaul including property tax relief for sensitive shore lines.

Send this email to your legislator and let them know what has happened to your property taxes as a result of the last budget resolution. Please look at your truth in taxation notice, and insert the projected increase into the blank in the email.


CLICK HERE: Ask your legislators to help.

If your legislators' name and e-mail addresses are blank, it is because we do not have your Minnesota address information (where you live) or because you are not a Minnesota resident. Please e-mail us your street address, city, and zip and we will be able to include your legislators' information in the future.


MSRPO takes no money from state agencies, foundations, or other groups. We are entirely funded by voluntary membership contributions. We are TOTALLY DRIVEN by our members' concerns. Therefore it is critical we know what those concerns are.

If you have not yet taken our 2011 Membership Survey, please do so today.

MSRPO Members Speak Up Survey

Thank you for your support and your ideas. Please keep in touch.

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