Legislative Summit Jan 14, 2012

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MSRPO is a co-sponsor of the Legislative Forum "Bold Action Now" that will be held on June 14th in the Conference Center at M-State in Detroit Lakes.

Last year about 250-300 people with a number of Legislators and local government officials. E.D. Jeff Forester spoke about the need for good grass roots engagement on this issue.  The meeting a year ago served as the starting shot in the race to pass major AIS reform in 2011.

The Becker County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA), the Pelican River Watershed District and the Lake Detroiters Association will start this year's summit at  8:00 am with exhibits and will conclude at noon. The Legislative Summit is open to the public at no charge. E.D. Jeff Forester will again be presenting, and all are encouraged to attend.




The agenda is based on the theme "Bold Action Now" to reflect our urgency. "The goal of the Summit is to provide legislators with a clear understanding of the challenges AIS pose for local governments, business, tourism, anglers and property owners," noted Dick Hecock, president of Becker County COLA. The Summit will address the effectiveness of the 2011 legislation enacted in May.

Other panelists will cover such topics as:


  • Changing way of life on a zebra mussel-infested lake from a 4th generation resident
  • Impact of invasive species on property values of resorts and businesses
  • Fishing tournament protocols in other states could be a role model for Minnesota
  • Local prevention efforts are just a first step in preventing the spread


"The Aquatic Invasive Species Legislative Summit held in Detroit Lakes last January was a key launching point for the legislation passed in 2011," said MSRPO Board member Barb Halbakken Fischburg of Becker County COLA and the Lake Detroiters Association. "The concerns expressed by Minnesotans to the legislators were heard all the way to the Capitol. In 2012, the legislators will be asked to focus on how the  DNR can take more aggressive action with specific statewide programs and deadlines before it is too late to protect our state's greatest asset - the lakes," Halbakken Fischburg continued.

We will also have a table there with MSRPO literature.  If any of you can attend, we love help staffing it.  This will be a great event.

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