Tax Bill Draws Dayton Veto

On afternoon of May 14th Gov. Dayton vetoed the second Omnibus Tax bill put forth in the final days of the legislative session. In his veto letter, Governor Dayton gave as his reason the fact that the bill did not pay for the tax cuts it enacted with increased revenues. The bill put forth by the Legislature would have increased deficits $46 million in this biennium and a projected $73 million in the next. Facing a more than $1 billion projected budget deficit in the next biennium, Gov. Dayton has held firm that he would not sign any package that increased future deficits.

The letter also states that Governor Dayton recognizes that property tax bills for private owners have skyrocketed more that 90% in the last years, and again calls for a major tax reform package in the next session. Together we must keep property tax relief front and center of our discussions with candidates through the summer and into the election. In this there is a great deal of hope. With every member of both houses up for election this year, and a Governor who has stated he wants to do a major tax reform, we have a once in a decade opportunity to push a tax plan that is fair, that supports local communities, and that creates incentives to preserve and protect our lakes, rivers and forests.

While the Governor's veto may be disappointing in the short term - with a longer view we see that he does support property tax relief, but requires that any relief add to the long term stability and future of Minnesota. To that end we should all renew our energies, working with the Governor and Legislature to push a plan that provides relief and strengthens our state.

Hope you had good luck on fishing opener, a lovely Mother's Day, or both.

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