Web Hosting for Lake Associations at MSRPO

I am sure that you were as shocked and saddened as we were by the announcement that Minnesota Waters ceased operations.  Their departure also raises a lot of questions.  Many of our members have called our office concerned about their Lake Association web pages which are currently hosted on the Minnesota Waters website.

MSRPO can offer a solution so that our member organizations have minimum disruption to Lake Association or COLA operations during this difficult time of transition. MSRPO is the only statewide organization whose sole focus is lake issues. We are working to make sure that lake associations get the support they need and lake issues continue to advance.

MSRPO will provide to member organizations:

  • Transfer your site to a our hosting platform and do all the work required;
  • Host your website for the same rate you are now paying, $100 a year;
  • If you do not currently have a website, offer you web design services;
  • Your Association will own and control all of the content on your site.

Yearly membership contributions in MSRPO are based on a sliding scale determined by the size of your organization:

  • 1 - 50 members at $100 per year
  • 51-150 members at $150 per year
  • 151 - 300 members at $200 per year
  • 301 or more members at $300 per year.

With membership in MSRPO your Lake Association will also receive:

  • Statewide advocacy and leadership on lake issues such as Aquatic Invasive Species and shore line rules;
  • A voice in establishing future statewide policy and legislative agendas;
  • State of the art email action alerts to leverage the grassroots power of your organization;
  • Seminars and webinars with valuable information on AIS, lake ecology, and estate and trust law strategies;
  • Bi monthly email newsletters and updates;
  • Content you can use in your association newsletters.

Call our office today with any questions.

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