MSRPO to become Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates

MSRPO will become Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates to reflect broadening mission and member concerns.


Minnesota Seasonal Recreational Property Owners Coalition, MSRPO Executive

Director Jeff Forester announced today that MSRPO will be called Minnesota Lakes and River Advocates to reflect the broader constituency, purpose and mission it now serves.

In 1995, when an MSRPO board member mangled the MSRPO acronym at a meeting, he immediately made a motion to offer a $25 prize to the person who coined a new name. The prize stood all this time. Last year MSRPO announced a contest among its members to find a new name. "Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates emerged as the winner," said Jeff Forester. "The words Lakes and Rivers and Forests were a common theme in many of the entries we received. We dropped forests to keep it short, although many of our members do indeed care about forest and hunting land issues, and this will remain a


When MSRPO was formed in 1994 it was simply named after the property tax

classification for recreational land and cabins. The class rate on Seasonal/Recreational lands was 2.25% of value then while the Homestead rate was 1%. MSRPO worked to lower that rate and today it is the same as a Homestead, 1%.

MSRPO was the main advocacy force behind sweeping AIS legislation in 2011 and again in 2012 to stop the spread of zebra mussels and other invasive species. MSRPO President Mary Manns said, "Over the years, the needs and concerns of our members have expanded. At their urging we engaged the AIS issue, and had immediate success. It is time to make our name more accurate and inclusive."

"Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates reflects members that are not only interested in property taxes, but in the overall health and well being of their surrounding environment.," said Board member George Crolick.

"While Minnesota is blessed and benefits from a significant resource based economy, it also has a solid history of a recreational and nature loving culture. Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates is dedicated to preserving that heritage," said Forester. There are few places in the United States and the world that provide its citizens which such rich opportunities to enjoy the environment. Forester continued, "MSRPO has always worked to support this heritage, and that work will continue under the new name Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates."

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