Minnesota Poised to Stop Asian Carp

U.S. House of Representatives Passes Amendment Requiring Study on the Impacts of Invasive Species

For the last few years MN Lakes and Rivers Advocates has been working with a coalition of partners to address the movement of Asian Carp up Minnesota's rivers.  Of particular concern is the silver, or jumping carp which are not only ecologically destructive, but pose a health risk to boaters because of their instinct to leap out of the water when disturbed by a passing boat. Recently the US House passed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA). Also included in the House WRRDA bill was an amendment by Rep. Rick Nolan, (D-MN) which changes the authority for federal-state cost share programs to include efforts to eradicate, "invasive aquatic species." This critical change will help facilitate AIS programs in Minnesota. The US Senate passed a similar bill, introduced by US Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) this Spring and the two bills are expected to go into conference committee soon.

MN Reps Ellison, Walz, Nolan and Paulsen applauded passage of WRRDA.  The provision would direct the US Army Corps of Engineers to close the locks at St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis and so stop the northward progress of Asian Carp thereby protecting the Upper Mississippi watershed IF less than 1.5 million tons of cargo moves through the lock. 

Here is a link to a press release put out by COngressman Keith Ellison on the WRRDA bill: http://ellison.house.gov/press-releases/ellison-walz-nolan-and-paulsen-applaud-passage-of-provision-to-stop-the-spread-of-invasive-carp/

We applaud the Minnesota delegation for this legislation.

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