Gov. Dayton Declares May 9th Clean Drain Dry Day

This year Governor Mark Dayton has declared May 9th, the opening day of walleye fishing in Minnesota, and an undeclared official holiday in the state, "Clean Drain Dry" day in an effort to raise awareness of Aquatic Invasive Species prevention.

Governor Dayton's Proclamation reads, in part:

Whereas:     Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and

Whereas:     Minnesota has over 1.6 million anglers and boaters contributing 2.4 billion dollars to our economy, and

Whereas:     The 2015 Governor's fishing opener is May 9, 2015 at Lake Vermilion, and

Whereas:     Invasive species are a serious threat to Minnesota lakes and streams, and

Whereas:     Clean, Drain, Dry Initiative of Wildlife Forever, a non-profit conservation organization based in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, coordinates outreach and public education  to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species, and

Whereas:     Partners in conservation who are working collaboratively to halt the invaders include the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota lake associations, NGOs, tribal corporations, and federal agencies, and

Whereas:     The Best Management Practices to change behavior and protect Minnesota's outdoor heritage is Clean, Drain, Dry, and

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MARK DAYTON, Governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim Saturday, May 9, 2015, as:


As Always, Please Keep in Touch,

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