AgBMP Loan Program for Lake and River Protection

The AgBMP Loan Program officially started July 1, 1995.  Since then over 12,440 loans have been issued, providing $203,000,000 to help finance projects that prevent, reduce or eliminate pollution problems to protect Minnesota’s water quality, including capping and replacing wells, repairing or upgrading septic systems, shoreland improvement and strom water runoff projects, and installing buffers. 

Currently the AgBMP Loan program has approximately 24 counties and 250 banks that are participating lenders. Any lending institution or watershed district is welcomed to contact the AgBMP loan program to sign up and become a participate lender of the AgBMP funds if they currently are not already.

The AgBMP loans may be issued up to a maximum of $200,000 and for a maximum term of 10 years. The lender determines all other loan conditions such as repayment schedule, equity requirements and collateral.  The interest rate to a borrower for a AgBMP loan is limited by statute to a max of 3% on the outstanding balance of a loan. A Lender may also charge their usual and customary closing fees, provided the fee is consistent with fees 
assessed to other similar loans offered by the lender.

The AgBMP loan program has local participating Lenders and government branches that assist in the implementation of the AgBMP loans. These local participating parties can be found at

You can also check out the AgBMP loan program website at


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