MLR 23rd Annual Meeting Feb. 11, 10:00am, Mpls Convention Center

MLR Annual Meeting, February 11th, 10:00 am at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Room M101 C.
Members in good standing who attend will be given tickets to attend the show.


Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates has had quite a year, culminating with the Aquatic Invaders Summit in October. Over 350 people from 65 counties, Wisconsin, New York, Montana, Illinois and Canada participated. A representative from the Governor's office spoke, along with John Edmund of Explore Minnesota, at the opening plenary. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who was detained in Washington D.C., sent a video greeting to attendees.

From a small group on Lake Vermilion, MLR has become one of the largest and most vibrant grassroots organizations in the State. Over half of our current members have been involved for over a decade. We have built this vibrant organization together. Every member deserves a pat on the back for the progress we have made.

The energy and commitment of our volunteer board is incredibly motivating and mission driven, and the engagement, hard work, generosity and commitment of thousands of lake home and cabin owners across the state has been humbling. I am incredibly lucky to get to work with all of you to advance the goal of protecting Minnesota's lake and river heritage for current and future generations.

Please come to the 2017 MLR Annual meeting so that I can thank you in person.


Once again, MLR is partnering with the Minneapolis Lake Home and Cabin show. The Annual Meeting and the Show are both free to all MLR members in good standing (a $24 value per couple) that attend the annual meeting. Once we have a count, the Lake Home and Cabin Show provides us with tickets at that time. We do not have tickets in advance. and so canot send them to you.

You can use the Green "Join Online Individual" button at the top of this email to either join or renew before the meeting and show.

Parking is available in the lot across from the convention center, and you can reach the show via skyway, so no need to lug a heavy coat all day.

Research scientist Dr. Peter Sorensen, University of Minnesota, will present on “Freshwater Aquatic Preserves” an idea whose time has come. Aquatic Preserves have been used to great effect in the world’s oceans to protect fish stocks and improve fisheries. Dr. Sorensen proposes to adjust the concept to inland lakes as a way to protect fisheries, particularly walleye, help mitigate the impacts of warmer weather patterns, and improve overall lake health.

Dr. Sorensen is an engaging and dynamic public speaker, and a very nice person. He is one of the world experts on aquatic invasive species, and will be available to chat following his presentation.

MLR Executive Director will also lay out the activities for the new year, including a series of webinars, updated communication tools, legislative strategy and exciting board development program. Plus there will be time to catch up with other MLR members, ask questions, and meet the MLR Board and new Board Chair Ted Johnson.

Thank you for all your energy and support of our lakes and rivers.



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