PAC Info

MSRPO Political Action Committee

Holding on tight to the gains we've made

The MSRPO political action committee (PAC) is affiliated with the Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates, but is a separately organized group as is required by campaign laws.

The PAC exists to inject lakes and rivers property owner's issues into the politics of our legislative process.

Political candidate support

2018 is an election year, and there are tremendous opportunities to meet future legislators, to educate them, and to help define their attitudes about our issues. From local races up to the state level the MSRPO PAC is engaged in "forging powerful links among lake advocates and policy makers," and making the case that lake home and cabin owners should have a seat at the table when policy and funding decisions are being made. We are working to ensure that every candidates from both parties understands clearly that Minnesota's lakes and lake heritage are a bi-partisan issue, and they need support at the local level if Minnesota's lake heritage is to be passed down to future generations.

Get involved-your cabin, lake home and hunting shack are at stake

The most effective political action committee is you - one of thousands of MN Lakes and Rivers members working to protect our common interests. Please take the time to write your state representatives regarding our initiatives, attend a town or county board meeting, send a letter to the editor, or testify at Capitol hearing.

We offer tools to get you started on this website.