MLR Staff and Board Members

MLR's executive director, executive administrator and activist board members are leading the charge to represent your interests with state legislators. All welcome your thoughts and ideas so that they can serve you better.

Feel free to get in touch with any of us on any topic.

Staff Members:

Executive Director

Jeff Forester
PO Box 22262
St. Paul, MN 55122
Office: 952-854-1317
Cell: 612-961-6144

Executive Administrator

Judy Corrigan
PO Box 22262
St. Paul, MN 55122
Office: 952-854-1317

Board of Directors:

President (acting) - Treasurer

John P. James
Property Location: Gervais Lake
Ramsey County 


Barbara Halbakken Fischburg
Property Location: Detroit Lake
Becker County 

Directors at Large:

George Crolick
Property Location: Lake Esquagama
St. Louis County

Ron Erhardt
Property Location: Woman Lake
Cass County

Susan Henken Thielen
Property Location: Lake Washburn
Cass County

Mary Manns
Property Location: Caribou Lake
St. Louis County