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  • Watch Cabin Trust Webinar Here

    MLR has long understood that Minnesota's family lake places are heirlooms, not assets. Independent research shows that the average (mean) length of ownership of a Minnesota cabin is 25 years, and that 86% intend to leave their place to children and grandchildren. For many Minnesotans, the lake is where family happens. But with current inheritance and tax laws, combined with ordinary family dynamics, make the transition from one generation to the next does not happen without some planning.

  • Aquatic Invaders Summit - Jan. 20-21st, 2015 SAVE THE DATE

    Aquatic Invaders Summit
    An Exploration of Collaboration, Innovation and Opportunity

    SAVE THE DATE: Jan. 20-21, 2015

    The 2014 Legislature established a $10 million annual Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Aid Program to counties, and appropriated $4.6 million through the Outdoor Heritage Fund to fund pilot programs to test local innovation for AIS prevention. Minnesota’s focus of AIS efforts and resources at the local level is not only likely to continue, but to increase in the future.

  • Decontamination Demystified

    This year the legislature passed and Governor Dayton signed innovative legislation to protect our lakes sending $10 million in Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) prevention aid to counties. This annual appropriation will be divvied between the counties based on the number of public boat launches combined with the number of watercraft trailer parking spaces in each county. The first instalment arrived July 20th.  This remarkable innovation puts funding at the source, where it is most needed and can do the most good. And that is the problem.

  • SF 2343 Would Deliver $10 Million to Local AIS Efforts if Passed

    For years MLR and Lake advocates have urged the Minnesota Legislature to provide adequate funding for a comprehensive statewide program to stop the introduction of new aquatic invasive species and further spread of AIS within the state.  Funding is desperately needed for local, boots-on-the-ground work at access sites across the state. Permanent regional decontamination units are central to any program to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.

    Senate File 2342 introduced March 7, 2014 by Senators Rod Skoe and Ann Rest provides county aid based on the number of watercraft access sites and watercraft trailer parking spaces to meet this need. Rep Ann Lenczewski intends to introduce a companion bill in the Minnesota House early the week of March 10th.

  • Its Do or Die for Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center

    The future health of Minnesota's iconic lakes and rivers may well depend on passage of this year's bonding bill. The research center will be unable to continue without the funding to build a secure lab. “It is do or die,” said Dr. Sorenson at the February meeting of the Statewide AIS advisory Committee. Without additional funding, MAISC will have to close before it really gets started. Said Dr. Sorenson, “Our Center's request for an AIS and holding lab, via the University bonding bill, is essential to our continued existence.”


  • AIS Advisory Committee Releases 2013 Recommendations for DNR Roundtable

     Today the Statewide AIS Advisory Committee, formed by DNR COmmissioner Landwehr releases its 2013 Annual Report for the DNR Roundtable in Bloomington MN.

    After a year of study and discussion, the AIS Committee makes set of reccommendations to MN DNR and MN Legislature to improve Minnesota's Aquatic Invasive Species programs with the goal of protecting and improving Minnesota's precious surface water resources.


  • $25 Million Local AIS Grant Heard - UPDATE

    On September 4th, the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (LSOHC), which makes recommendations to the Legislature on how to spend a projected $100 million a year of Legacy funds (raised by a 3/8ths cent statewide sales tax approved by voters in 2008) listened to presentations from more than fifty organizations seeking funding for specific, on the ground projects.

    One proposal by the Minnesota Coalition of Lake Associations (MN COLA) garnered the majority of the attention. More than forty supporters of the proposal from around the state,  some driving down from as far as Mille Lacs and Ely, attended.  Special thanks to all of you who turned out in support of this important step forward in the fight to protect Minnesota's lakes and rivers from invasive species.  It was inspiring to see so many people turn out for MN COLA's presentation, a real testament to Minnesota's commitment to our lakes.

    In addition, the LSOHC received a packet of over 60 letters of support from counties, and lake associations, representing tens of thousands of citizens from across the state. The Minnesota Statewide Aquatic Invasive Species, (AIS) Advisory Committee, appointed by DNR Commissioner Landwehr in December of 2012 also submitted a letter in support of greater funding of local AIS efforts.