Lake Associations List

In 2009 the MSRPO Board reached out to COLAs and lake associations to see what their issues were. MSRPO had four lake association members at that time. Our Lake Association members were concerned about skyrocketing lake shore taxes followed a close second by Aquatic Invasive Species. Since then the Minnesota Legislature has not passed a tax bill, but in 2010 MSRPO worked to pass the "Pull Your Plug" bill, then in 2011 doubled funding of an AIS program for two years as well as authorizing mandatory inspection and decontamination authority. In 2012 with MSRPO - Minnesota lakes and Rivers Advocates pushing, doubled fines for AIS violation, required dry times for water related equipment. As this statewide partnership grows, so does the combined power of  local lake associations and COLAs.

The grassroots/grasstops strategy works.