Aquatic Invaders Summit

Aquatic Invaders Summit II Presentations Avaialble On Line

The Aquatic Invaders Summit was a great event and a number of people have contacted us to request copies of the presentations given. Attendees had to make difficult choices about which of the many presentations to attend. Now you can see the presentations you might have missed - or if you could not attend, have access to the conference after the fact.

Special thanks to Don Hickman and the Initiative Foundation,  Clean Water land and Legacy, our sponsors and supporters including US Fish and Wildlife, MN DNR, National Park Service, MN COLA, Wildlife Forever, MAWD and all of the presenters who donated their time and energy to make the Aquatic Invaders Summit on of the largest citizen led, water based gatherings in the state.

Aquatic Invaders Summit - Jan. 20-21st, 2015 SAVE THE DATE

Aquatic Invaders Summit
An Exploration of Collaboration, Innovation and Opportunity

SAVE THE DATE: Jan. 20-21, 2015

The 2014 Legislature established a $10 million annual Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Aid Program to counties, and appropriated $4.6 million through the Outdoor Heritage Fund to fund pilot programs to test local innovation for AIS prevention. Minnesota’s focus of AIS efforts and resources at the local level is not only likely to continue, but to increase in the future.