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Update on AIS Innovation Grants

In 2014 MLR and MN COLA urged the Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, LSOHC to reccommend to the the Minnesota Legislature that part of the money raised by the 3.8ths of a cent sales tax approved by MN voters in 2008 (The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment) be used to protect aquatic habitats from aquatic invasive species, AIS.  The LSOHC suggested that the MN Legislature create a "AIS Innovation Grant" of about $4.5 million to be administered by the Initiative Foundation. The Legislature approved this appropriation in 2014.

Here is a link to the update recently provided by the Intitiative Foundation. This grant has an open application process and uch of the funding is still available.  You can learn more about how to apply for this funding at

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The 2014 Legislature established a $10 million annual Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Aid Program to counties, and appropriated $4.6 million through the Outdoor Heritage Fund to fund pilot programs to test local innovation for AIS prevention. Minnesota’s focus of AIS efforts and resources at the local level is not only likely to continue, but to increase in the future.