Environment and Natural Resources Omnibuzz Bill - a big deal for water

The Environmental and Natural Resources Funding Omnibus Bill (nicknamed the "Omnibuzz due to pollinator protections) signed into law by Gov. Tim Walz was an excellent compromise bill between the House and the Senate. There are a number of excellent provisions that will help protect water resources and provide opportunities for lake associations to leverage their significant contributions for more impact in achieving their missions.

Its Do or Die for Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center

The future health of Minnesota's iconic lakes and rivers may well depend on passage of this year's bonding bill. The research center will be unable to continue without the funding to build a secure lab. “It is do or die,” said Dr. Sorenson at the February meeting of the Statewide AIS advisory Committee. Without additional funding, MAISC will have to close before it really gets started. Said Dr. Sorenson, “Our Center's request for an AIS and holding lab, via the University bonding bill, is essential to our continued existence.”