Waterway Jay

Waterway Jay Begins Second Half of Paddle for Progress

Waterway Jay Challenges Minnesotans to Think About Their Connection to Water

On May 8th, Waterway Jay Gustafson began the second half of his project, Paddle for Progress. A continuation of the 2017 season, Gustafson will complete 18 of 34 remaining water trails across the state he has not yet paddled. He will begin this season on the North Fork of the Crow River near the town of Manannah, MN. Gustafson is challenging all Minnesotans think about their connection and interaction with water as a first step to improve its quality across the state.

Paddle for Progress

MLR has partnered with Jay Gustafson, aka "Waterway Jay."  After paddeling the Mississippi from Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, Jay decided to paddle every River in Minnesota in an effort to raise awareness. Follow Jay's progress and get involved in protecting Minnesota's Rivers.