zebra mussels

Fishing License Sales Continue to Plummet - is it due to AIS Impacts?

New research from the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center has found that zebra mussels decrease the size of walleye  14%, spiny water flea by 12%, and the combination of the two by 25%. Is decrease in fishery health a driver in the tumbling numbers of fishing licenses sold in Minnesota, particularly for non-residents and younger anglers?

Jeff Forester's Testimony Against the Repeal of County AIS Prevention AId

On Thursday, March 5th, 2015, MLR Executive Director spoke at the House Environment, Natural Resources Policy and Funding Committee in opposition to House File 570, a bill that would repeal the $10 million County Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Aid put in place last session.

2010 MSRPO Annual Meeting

Stop Zebra Mussels from Coming to Your Lake!

MSRPO has a long tradition of hosting presentations by Minnesota's Governors at our annual meeting.  This year we did invite all of the three major candidates to speak, but so far they have all had conflicts.  Independent candidate for Lt, Governor, Jim Mulder will address MSRPO members.  As a former administrator for the House Tax Committee, Jim Mulder.