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Dear (Insert Your Rep or Senator Name ):

I am writing to ask you to work for a comprehensive State and Local Fiscal System reform, and NOT further shifts to property tax. Systemic budget deficits have resulted in yearly increases in property taxes for five years now.

Enclosed please find a copy of my 2012 property tax bill. I have endured huge yearly increases like this for a decade.

While other property classes enjoyed some form of relief following the 2001 reforms, cabins did not. After a modest downturn in 2001/2002 of .03%, (the lowest of any property class) property taxes on cabins have been skyrocketing with an increase in 2007 of 11.1%, 16% in 2007/2008. 2008/2009 were almost 9%, and without proactive steps by the legislators, 2011 had the steepest property tax increases yet and with the repeal of the Homestead tax credit, many lakeshore owners are experiencing unprecedented increases.  Property tax is a tax.

Thank you for your public service in this difficult time. I hope I can count on you to provide real leadership in this budget crisis, and provide solutions, not further platitudes or accounting gimmicks.



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