You've Got Mail

The Word Processor is mightier
than the sword

Fire up the computer and make your voice heard at the Legislature

Together we can change public policy. Write your state legislators about the property tax/environmental crisis seasonal recreational property owners face.

We've provided the starter text for a letter, ready for you to cut and paste. Please refine and personalize it as this will have the most impact.

Not sure who represents you at the Legislature? You can always find out in a few clicks by visiting this page.

Tell one editor, and thousands may hear

The editor of your local newspaper is always looking for well written, thought-provoking letters to publish on the editorial page. Get your letter published and suddenly thousands of people become better informed because of what you've written.

For MSRPO members living outside Minnesota, it is the only way to weigh in on our political process as legislators often will not even read letters postmarked outside their district.

Keep your letters short and to the point (about 250 words). Always include your name and contact information including phone numbers and address. If you subscribe to the paper remind the editor in your cover letter that you are a subscription holder

Shoot for a well reasoned and assertive tone. The tax situation is enough to make anyone crazy, but public rants typically have a negative impact on our cause. Point your mouse here for some starter thoughts.