Author: Kayla Hanke

Calling Lake Association Members – Webinar Launch for an Updated Lake Steward Program

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates invites Lake Association members to attend our Lake Steward Webinar Launch 2022, taking place on March 29th from 7:30-8:30PM via Zoom.  Register HERE. Previously, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates’ Lake Steward Program has operated under the guidance of individual volunteers through inspired lake associations.  After receiving feedback from our volunteers,… Read more »

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Reasons to Clean Your Boat Using a Free-to-Use CD3 Waterless Cleaning System

Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors will Thank You! Starry stonewort and other Aquatic Invasive Species disrupt lake and river activities once they are introduced to the ecosystem. By cleaning your boat after each use in an infected lake or river, you are protecting your community members that appreciate other nearby lakes from having to manage… Read more »

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