MLR Gets Results in 2014

MLR's strategy of combining a broad grassroots base with vertically integrated advocacy through lake associations and COLA's achieved real results during the 2014 Legislative session.  As result of legislation passed in 2014 Minnesota's lakes will be better protected, local lake associatyions will be empowered and property taxes should be lower. 


Our Mission

To protect Minnesota's lake and river heritage for current and future generations by forging powerful links between lakes, lake advocates, and policy makers.


  • Lead in efforts to fund and implement a comprehensive statewide plan to halt the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species.
  • Work to reform lakeshore Property Taxes to protect lakeshore from overdevelopment and to keep the lake legacy affordable for future generations.
  • Strive to protect surface Water Quality in Minnesota with information and policy priorities.
  • Work with policy makers to advocate Aquatic Habitat measures, and work with Lake Association members to implement aquatic plant management.
  • Lead in advocating for strong Shoreline and Forestland Stewardship incentives.
  • Offer Legacy Seminars to help ensure the treasured family heritage of time a the lake or in the woods with family can continue for generations to come.

Want to Pass Your Lake Place to the Kids?

Learn how to put your Cabin or Lake Home in a TRUST or LLC for your family!

If you, like so many of us, see your lake place as the center of your family, the gathering place, the spot where friends and extended family gather to create life-long memories, then you cannot afford to miss this seminar. Our places are heirlooms, not assets. But moving a place from one generation to the next can be difficult without good planning.

Find out what can happen without a Cabin Trust or Cabin LLC... 

Find out what can happen with a Cabin Trust or Cabin LLC...

For more information about these webinar/seminars please click here.



MSRPO has become Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates to reflect our broadening mission and member concerns. We were formed in 1994 to represent recreational property owners at the State Capitol but have since represented all who are not only interested in property taxes but in the overall health and well being of their surrounding environment.

From a few cabins on Lake Vermilion, MLR has grown to represent over 6,000 families that own lakeshore and forestland. Their issues now include not only major tax reform, but water quality, shoreline regulations, habitat protection, forest fragmentation, and shoreline over-development.