Calling Lake Association Members – Webinar Launch for an Updated Lake Steward Program

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates invites Lake Association members to attend our Lake Steward Webinar Launch 2022, taking place on March 29th from 7:30-8:30PM via Zoom.  Register HERE.

Previously, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates’ Lake Steward Program has operated under the guidance of individual volunteers through inspired lake associations. 

After receiving feedback from our volunteers, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates has updated the Lake Steward Program to better fit the needs of your lake association. 

The updated program includes a resource guide for lake stewards, a team of trained volunteers to lead shoreline evaluations, and user-friendly quiz tools to make shoreline evaluations and restoration projects easier for the average property owner. We value the dedication of our volunteers, and made changes that allow Lake Steward Volunteers to receive the guidance and direction needed to encourage property owners in their shoreline protection goals. 

Current participants in the Lake Steward Program will receive updated information, training in the new and improved program materials, and further guidance in the program. 

The webinar will include a brief overview of updates to the program, as well as recent success stories from current Lake Stewards.

Shoreline evaluations will now be completed through your phone or mobile device, with automatic data compilations that are available to your Lake Steward Volunteers.

The Lake Steward Program encourages shoreline restoration projects to protect water quality and shoreline health in Minnesota. Many property owners are surprised by the negative effect their property has on lake and river health. With Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates, volunteers from your lake association can receive one-on-one training to guide their peers through shoreline evaluations and restoration projects. Protecting lake health is made easier through the Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates Lake Steward Program.