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Significant Shift in DNR Roundtable With More Lake Advocate Voices in the Rooms

Lake Steward and Natural Shoreline Break Out Session Highlights On Friday, January 19th, more than 400 people, 75 of them DNR personnel,  gathered at the DNR Roundtable to have conversations with other leaders in conservation, strengthen partnerships, and define challenges and opportunities in conservation efforts in fisheries, wildlife, and ecological and water resources in Minnesota.… Read more »

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Contributions to MLR Do Not Affect a Lake Association’s Charitable Exemption

by John James, former Commissioner of MN Department of Revenue A concern has arisen about whether joining and contributing to Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates would put a lake association which is a tax exempt charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) at risk of losing its tax exemption because MLR engages in lobbying.… Read more »

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