Reasons to Clean Your Boat Using a Free-to-Use CD3 Waterless Cleaning System

Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors will Thank You!

Starry stonewort and other Aquatic Invasive Species disrupt lake and river activities once they are introduced to the ecosystem. By cleaning your boat after each use in an infected lake or river, you are protecting your community members that appreciate other nearby lakes from having to manage the same AIS infestation. When you take care to clean your boat and equipment, your community thanks you for Stopping Starry Stonewort and preventing the spread of AIS.

You are Preserving Minnesota’s Native Plant Life

Starry stonewort is an aggressive aquatic algae that can reproduce quickly and grows to a depth of 25 feet from the lake or river substrate. It can take a matter of months for the algae to spread rapidly enough to reach the water’s surface. This aggressive and foreign invasive species soon drowns out native plant life in Minnesota’s lakes and rivers; these native plants are where small critters and wild animals make their homes. 

Native Fish Populations will Thrive

Starry stonewort, due to its quick reproduction rate and extensive surface water coverage, affects water oxygen levels. Local fish populations struggle under these conditions. Starry stonewort blocks sunlight from natives, which struggle in starry stonewort’s shadow. Preventing the spread of starry stonewort allows fish populations to thrive in healthy water conditions, and allows fishing activities to continue as a normal part of lake life in Minnesota.

Beaches will Stay Clean for Vacationers, Family Trips, and Holidays 

Starry stonewort is a green, messy, and smelly aquatic invasive species. The presence of starry stonewort in a lake or river leads to less enjoyable lake trips for your friends and family, with a difficult time navigating waters while boating through the tangled mess of algae, and an unpleasant odor and unsightly appearance while relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day. Cleaning your boat with a CD3 System allows your community to enjoy Minnesota’s natural landscapes and beautiful environment to its fullest potential. 

You are Saving Money – For Yourself and Your State

Lake Koronis, the first MN lake infested with starry stonewort infestation, spends $200,000 annually on the management of starry stonewort. Still, the invasive algae can not be completely eliminated because the algae is able to reproduce when it is broken into multiple parts by boat propellers, or when attempting to remove the invasive species through hand pulling or other methods of management. The management of Starry Stonewort in Lake Koronis is paid by the lake association and local government units.

Future Generations Depend on Our Immediate Action

Minnesota is home to thousands of beautiful lakes, and abundant natural scenery that current generations have been lucky enough to enjoy over their lifetimes. Our world is quickly being overrun by technological advancements, which can both help and hurt our society. At the root of humanity, we are still creatures of nature, and everyones deserves to experience the beauty of the natural world in the ways that current generations have been allowed to enjoy. People in the future will either look back to those in the past and wish they had done something different, or they will look back and be grateful for the work that was done for them to experience nature as it was preserved in its natural state for them to appreciate. 

It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve and protect natural resources and the state of the environment for the current and future generations, while appreciating lake heritage and all those that came before. MLR’s mission revolves around appreciating the evolution of people and the natural environment over time. Thinking of future generations that have yet to experience this beauty motivates MLR to act now, and to encourage you to do the same. Start small by cleaning your boat after each use with a CD3 Waterless Boat Cleaning System.


CD3 Waterless Cleaning Systems are free to use and available 24/7 at several sites across the state of Minnesota to prevent the spread of starry stonewort and other aquatic invasive species (AIS). Contact MLR’s Stop Starry Program Manager and Civic Organizer to learn the location CD3 System near you.

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