Minnesota Lakes

FLOAT - A new Peer to Peer Boat Rental App to launch this summer

Back in the day, most people did not trailer a watercraft from lake to lake - they rented a boat when they arrived. That method of enjoying our lakes would certainly reduce the risk of spreading Aquatic Invasive Species. Well, this summer two entrepreneurs from Minnesota are launching FLOATa peer to peer boat renting AP. What was old will be new again....

Lake Home and Cabin Owners are the Future of Fishing in Minnesota

MLR knows that our members are anglers. Yet Lake Associations and local residents are often not percieved to be the core angling constituency in Minnesota. MLR has hired an indpendent researcher, Norman Striezeck, to conduct phone interviews and quantify your commitment and interest in fishing. So if you get a call from Norman - please pick up the call and take a few minutes to talk with him.