City of East Gull Lake adds Lake Steward to their Permitting Process

Connecting with new shoreline owners as they are starting to make decisions about how to develop their lots is critical to protecting water quality. Including Lake Steward in the Land Use Permit Application is a huge step in accomplishing this. This is the first time that any Local Government Unit has included specific shoreline management guidelines in the permitting application. Over 31 Lake Associations have expressed an interest in the Lake Steward Program. Site visits on many lakes have already begun (I did some on Vermilion last weekend.) 

Here is the City of East Gull Lake’s new Land Use Permit Application language:




A. Applicant shall complete Land Use Permit Application and submit to the City Administrator.  B. Application shall be accompanied by site plan drawing complete with the following minimum information:

  • – Size of parcel  
  • – Location on the parcel of all existing AND proposed structures and their square footage- Location on the parcel of all bluffs, wetlands, and easements  
  • – Location of existing and proposed sewer lines; showing all lateral connections within the Right  of Way, and the distance of all sewer connection lines from all lot lines and all existing structures,  proposed structures and improved surfaces. (if applicable)  
  • – Existing and proposed driveway, parking, sidewalks and similar improvements.  

C. Application shall include elevation drawings showing proposed structure height.  

D. Application shall include Sewer Compliance Inspection (if applicable).  

E. Shoreland on Gull Lake (within 1,000 ft): The City strongly encourages owner actions to protect lake water  quality. Take an optional 4-question quiz that takes less than three minutes to complete, to be eligible for  the Lake Steward Award. Go to Minnesota DNR for more information about shoreland management best  practices.

Photo credit jpellgen (@1179_jp)