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Make a Difference on November 16th – Give to the Max Day

We see, both in the news and off the end of our docks,  threats to the lakes we love. Poor shoreline development allows nutrients to run into our lakes and destroys habitat for fish and nesting loons. Boaters continue to spread Aquatic Invasive Species, (AIS). Agricultural runoff degrades water and  drives larger and more frequent… Read more »

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2022 Lake Steward Outcomes – Remarkable Results

The MPCA reports that 56% of the lakes and rivers in Minnesota are impaired. The sources and reasons for water degradation are both plentiful and complex, but degraded shoreline is a contributor. The simple fact is that if we want to improve water, we must improve land management. Unfortunately, the trends are towards more development… Read more »

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Tired of algae in the lake? Then lower the phosphorus levels with Lake Steward

These hot and muggy dog days are perfect lake weather, perfect for swimming in the lake, waterskiing and other water sports. Unfortunately, it  is also becoming primetime for the algae blooms that can spread across the lakes we love and make swimming, skiing and watersports impossible. There are many different types of algae, from the… Read more »

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