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2022 Lake Steward Outcomes – Remarkable Results

The MPCA reports that 56% of the lakes and rivers in Minnesota are impaired. The sources and reasons for water degradation are both plentiful and complex, but degraded shoreline is a contributor. The simple fact is that if we want to improve water, we must improve land management. Unfortunately, the trends are towards more development… Read more »

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Sen. Carrie Ruud Presented with the first “Lake Advocate of the Year” award

Sen Carrie Ruud Named 2022 Lake Advocate On Sept. 24th, at a meeting of over 20 lake association leaders from across the state,Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates Executive Director Jeff Forester awarded Sen. CarrieRuud the 2022 Lake Advocate of the year award. In presenting the award, Jeff Forester said, “There is no legislator more focused… Read more »

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Our Lake and River Shorelines are at a Turning Point

Our Lake and River Shorelines are at a Turning Point Our lakes are in trouble and the situation is urgent. If we want to manage water, we must manage land. As lake shore property owners we have both a significant opportunity and exposure to negative impacts from water quality decline. According to shoreline specialists at… Read more »

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Be Selfish, Save Your Lake

Guest blog by Dr. John Richard Saylor – Author of “Lakes: Their Birth, Life, and Death,” ( The environmental segment of a typical popular science magazine or news show can be prettygloomy. Stories on global warming, as just one example, point toward a future of rising sealevels, torrential floods, and searing droughts. While these stories… Read more »

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Copper Treatment Shows Promise to Control Zebra Mussel Density in Lakes

By Jeff Forester The most cost effective strategy to deal with AIS is to prevent them from spreading. This is the only solution that is 100% effective.  But while prevention strategies are being deployed, lake associations benefit both in terms of cost savings and good outcomes if they also focus on early detection and makingRead More

Tired of algae in the lake? Then lower the phosphorus levels with Lake Steward

These hot and muggy dog days are perfect lake weather, perfect for swimming in the lake, waterskiing and other water sports. Unfortunately, it  is also becoming primetime for the algae blooms that can spread across the lakes we love and make swimming, skiing and watersports impossible. There are many different types of algae, from the… Read more »

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MLR Bids Farewell to Senate Champions – Work begins to educate candidates on the importance of lake issues

Water management is highly political, but MLR has always been completely non-partisan. What I mean by highly political is that protecting water is the work of citizens. The alphabet soup of agencies, MN DNR, SWCDs, WDs are simply not equipped nor do they have the budget to take the actions required to protect pristine waters… Read more »

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Lake Associations Protect Loons with Get the Lead Out

Get the Lead Out is a program at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Our mission is to educate about the dangers of lead fishing tackle to Minnesota’s loons and wildlife. Impacts of lead on loons: Lead poisoning from ingesting lead tackle is a leading… Read more »

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