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Civic Partnerships Key to Lake Preservation Center Lakes – A Case Study

By Jeff Forester, Executive Director, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates Last year the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, MPCA released a list of impaired waters; 56% of Minnesota’s surface waters are impaired to the point that the water quality limits fishing and swimming. There was a silver lining in this dark cloud, however, North Center andRead More

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Webinar Draws National Audience

By Jeff Forester, Executive Director MLR On February 17th Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates hosted a webinar featuring a presentation by Jeffrey Marr and Andrew Riesgraf, St. Anthony Falls Lab, SAFL within the University of Minnesota.  Their study of the wake energy and height produced by different watercraft in different configurations has been much anticipatedRead More

A Field Study of Maximum Wave Height, Total Wave Energy, and Maximum Wave Power Produced by Four Recreational Boats on a Freshwater Lake

In 2019 MLR began receiving reports that large wakes were creating conflicts among different lake users, eroding shoreline, and creating other problems. During the pandemic lake based recreation increased dramatically as did the sale of watercraft. Industry data shows that consumers gravitated to the ends of the boat spectrum. Sales of large, powerful watercraft like… Read more »

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Reasons to Clean Your Boat Using a Free-to-Use CD3 Waterless Cleaning System

Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors will Thank You! Starry stonewort and other Aquatic Invasive Species disrupt lake and river activities once they are introduced to the ecosystem. By cleaning your boat after each use in an infected lake or river, you are protecting your community members that appreciate other nearby lakes from having to manage… Read more »

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Water Connects Us All – 2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 Minnesota Lakes and Rivers “Water Connects Us All™” Annual Meeting was held December 1st, 2021 via online technology. Executive Director Jeff Forester gave a detailed report on our accomplishments together over the last year, including millions of dollars in funding for AIS research, Stop Starry efforts, and lake association plant management grants. In… Read more »

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Project WET – A Program to take lake association education efforts to the next level

As lake leaders you know that the threats to our lakes, and MN’s lake heritage, are mounting. In 2020 the MPCA, after extensive testing, listed 56% of Minnesota’s lakes as impaired. This year they added another 305 water bodies to the list. Agricultural runoff, industrial pollution, salt from our roads, phosphorus from lakeshore management, are… Read more »

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